Apple II

[cp-wolfenstein] CiderPress. An Apple II utility for Windows that I wrote and sold as shareware. First shipped in 2003, it was re-released as open source in 2007, and received a major overhaul in 2015.


NuLib2 and NufxLib. Before CiderPress, there was NuLib, a ShrinkIt utility for UNIX systems. Work on NuLib2 began in 1998, and the original NuLib dates back a decade earlier.


[hardpressed] HardPressed™. Back in the early 1990s, when hard drives were expensive and didn't hold very much, software that compressed and uncompressed files transparently as you opened and closed them was very popular. I wrote HardPressed for the Apple IIgs.


Hacking Data Compression. A twelve-part course on data compression, with a focus on the Apple II, that I wrote for GEnie back in 1992.


fhpack. Compresses Apple II hi-res graphics images with an LZ4 variant I called LZ4FH ("fadden's hi-res"). Pretty good compression with extremely fast uncompression. Slide show demos for the Apple II are included.


[fdraw-intro] fdraw. Fast hi-res graphics routines. Draws lines, circles, and rectangles.


[sargon] Copy protection on Apple II cassette tapes. While attempting to recover data from ancient cassette tapes, I discovered that some of them used clever tricks to make it harder to duplicate the contents.


[computer ambush disk] Copy protection on Apple II disks. All about ProDOS RDOS and RKCrack.


[computist] COMPUTIST articles. I had a few articles published in COMPUTIST magazine, and a few rejected. Most are collected here.


Disassembly projects. Fully-commented disassemblies of various programs.


Misc downloads. Some file converters and a couple of odd projects.